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My name is Shawna Walker. I was born on April 20,1977 and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. I am currently living in central CA. I received my BS Degree in Kinesiology, with a minor in Nutrition for Athletic Performance from San Jose State University in 2001. I am proud to announce that on January 2013, I opened up my own personal training studio, Flex Studio here in Brentwood, CA. I am so lucky to have this opportunity and have the amazing support to take such a big leap. After turning down my invitation to the CHP academy, I decided to follow my dreams and to keep doing what I love and make a business doing it. So far, I love it! I welcome you all to check it out on Facebook and on the official Flex Studio website.


I started bodybuilding 10 years ago when I injured my back playing collegiate volleyball. After about 5 years of lifting heavy and trying to put on some size I decided to try competing. In 2003, I entered my first contest and won the heavy weight class and the overall in the Modesto Central Valley Classic Bodybuilding Contest.

A few months after that, I entered and won the heavy weight and overall at the San Francisco Bodybuilding Contest.

In 2004, I placed 3rd in the heavyweight class at the Contra Costa Bodybuilding Show in Hayward, CA. Two weeks following, I entered and won the middle weight class at the California State Bodybuilding Show in Culver City.

In May 2005, I once again entered the Contra Costa Bodybuilding Competition and won the heavy weight class and the overall.

In July 2005, I entered my first National Level Bodybuilding Competition. I placed 14th in the heavy weight class at the USA in Las Vegas. (Just missing the light-heavy weight class by 3 pounds). That show was a challenge, mentally and physically. I was proud to be amongst the best in the USA so it did not matter where I placed in that show. It did make me realize that I have a long ways to go if I want to be pro in this sport. Yet I will not sacrifice certain things to get there. I want to keep the look I have and just perfect it. I want to improve my balance and symmetry.

After taking a year off from competing, I entered the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding/Fitness Expo in Seattle, WA. Which took place on April 21, 2007 (one day after my 30th birthday). I placed 2nd in the heavyweight class weighing in at 143.5 pounds.

On September 5 & 6, 2008, I traveled to New York to compete in the 2008 Team Universe Nationals. I placed 2nd in the heavy weight class, weighing in at 145 pounds and coming in with the best condition I have ever been in on stage. The crowd was great and was behind me even though I was an unknown face to them.


After the California show in 2004 , I was featured in the December issue of Women’s Physique World Magazine and my first photo shoot video was released for sale.

After the Emerald Cup in 2007, I was featured in the October 2007 issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine and the July 2008 issue of FLEX magazine. What an honor it was just to be recognized by these two magazines. I have had 10-12 photo shoots over the past 4 years. All in which I learn something new about myself and the looks that I want to express.

Earlier in 2010, I was asked to pose/shoot (as Laura Croft, Tomb Raider) for the cover of the book “Dangerous Curves” by Jeffrey A. Brown. It is University text material for women’s studies on heroines, gender, and popular culture, which is being released Feb 1, 2011. I have to say that this shoot was the most fun out of all my shoots. The amount of real armory I was able to use as props was insane.


The past ten years have brought me some extreme challenges but has taught me a lot about myself and what it takes to be a success. The journey has been rewarding and I look forward to the next phase of my career.

I want to say thank you to all my fans that have followed me and continue to visit my website. All your emails are personally read and greatly appreciated. I am currently putting my competition days on hold in hopes to succeed in a new career that will consume most of my time for a while.

I am truly a lucky athlete in regards to having full support behind me. Anyone who has ever competed before or know of someone close that has competed, knows how hard this process is and the need for a strong support system. I love this sport and have every intention of continuing to improve myself and promote natural feminine muscle.

Be sure to randomly check back in with me for current photos and status.


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